Within the framework of litigation, this firm has handled matters in the following areas:

Representation of owners, tenants, and manufacturers in litigation relating to buildings and structures containing asbestos.

Representation of owners in connection with spills and improper releases of hazardous materials, including negotiations with the EPA, the DEQ and other appropriate federal and state authorities.

Representation of companies with regard to lead poisoning at a hospital.

Representation of a major oil company as to alleged violations of environmental law relative to dumping hazardous waste in a landfill not authorized for such purposes.

Representation of owners and operators in dealing with clean-up programs involving the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and the Department of Environmental Quality

On a transactional level, the firm has been involved in the following areas:

Working with clients in developing comprehensive programs:
relative to record keeping and maintenance
relative to federal and multiple states’ regulations
relative to underground storage tank facilities.

Negotiations of contracts and agreements relative to production facilities, pipelines, and other transportation of hazardous substances.

Review of various loan transactions for lending institutions and the history of the real property involved to determine the likelihood of environmental issues in order to decide whether an environmental audit should be ordered.

Counsel and advise clients as to type and scope of environmental audit and inspections which should be obtained in a specific instance.

Counsel and advise clients in negotiations as to the nature and scope of environmental representations, warranties, or indemnities which should either be offered to or received from other parties to the transaction.

Representation of clients in acquisition of manufacturing facilities producing hazardous materials and counseling as to appropriate means of transportation and/or disposal of end-products and waste.